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Yacht Charter Leeward & Windward Islands

When talking about an unforgettable yachting holiday in the Caribbean, both sailors and amateurs like to speak of the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands. This fascinating area ranging from the Virgin Islands in the north down to Grenada in the south. In this area you can explore the magnificent sea with its unique flora and fauna, and the glowing coral reefs. Furthermore also can be gained unforgettable insights into the culture of the Caribbean region.

The differences of this two islands
In this region generally northeast winds pass. The Windward Islands in the south are located in the midst of this wind zone, while the Leeward Islands are located in a sort of wind shadow of the Passat. When the Windward Islands are mentioned, this affects the southern part of the Lesser Antilles from Martinique to Grenada in the south of the Caribbean.

The various offers along the Leeward and Windward Islands
The Yachtcharter vacationers have a lot of possibilities to explore this holiday paradise from the water. The journey can start along the impressive territory from Tortola, Virgin Islands. Here are sail boats and catamarans of different sizes available. The Island of Anguilla, which is also part of the Leeward Islands, is located just 200 kilometers east of the Virgin Islands. In St. Martin, Anse Marcel and Marigot provide yachting enthusiasts with chartering a sailboat or a catamaran.
From Guadeloupe you can also explore the fascinating Caribbean region. In Point-a-Pitre there is an extensive range of charters available.
Further south, yachtcharter fans will find the areas of the Windward Islands. There can be started from Le Marin on Martinique - the largest marina on the Windward Islands - as well as from St. Lucia. Also at this impressive island with the volcanic Twinmountains are numerous options for charteryachts available, so you can find the suitable boat for the yachting adventure.

Places of interest during the yachting stay in the Caribbean region
From these ports, you will be able to admire all the sights of the Caribbean, which will be remembered for lifetime by a yachtsman. Holidaymakers will always remeber the breathtaking nature, the snow-white beaches and the impressive coral reefs.The narrow streets of Guadeloupe, natural forces such as the caves on Grande-Terre or the extinct volcano Mount Flagstaff on St. Martin or the numerous ports in the Caribbean are also impressive. Other highlights that should be on the schedule of Yachtcharter Holidays on the Leeward Islands are the nature reserve Indiantown in Antigua, the Sari Sari Falls in Domenica and the also the no longer active La Basse-Terre. The Windward Islands have, of course, also a number of sights to offer. The volcano Mont Pelée in Martinique or the botanical garden near Kingstown in St. Vincent can be mentioned here. In addition, numerous white and black beaches on all islands, such as on Nevis, invite you to take a relaxing stopover for bathing. Of course, deep-sea fishing, surfing and other water sports is also offered. Other places on the island, such as the waters around St. Eutatius, are known as a paradise for divers.

Not only fish on the menus
Of course, on the menus of the numerous restaurants on the Leeward and Windward Islands are especially fish and seafood. However, during the yachtcharter holidays, other delicacies can also be offered in the taverns around the harbors. There are also the fruits in great variety. However, even today the food of the once colonial lords influenced the menus. Therefore the gourmets on a stopover of the yacht charter trip can also feast first-class French cheese or wine. Culinary highlights of St. Barthélmy are the numerous French specialties, which can be discovered on a yachting trip here. The "muscat island" Grenada, discovered by Christopher Columbus, offers numerous varieties of spices. For a self-sufficient yachting holidaymaker numerous shopping facilities are available. Supermarkets are found on all the islands in order to provide themselves with the essentials. Please note, that the prices on some islands are sometimes considerably higher than in the German-speaking countries.

The possibilities for arrival for a yacht charter holiday
Those who decides a yachting trip in this region of the Caribbean should plan their holidays especially for the winter months. The best time to travel is the period between November and May of each year. The northeastern trade wind blows and provides perfect wind energy during the day and at night. Basically, the region is less suitable for beginners. Also experienced should consider some special features. Sometimes, the reefs can not be sailed at night. In the summer the Windward Islands are almost unsuitable for a yacht charter trip due to the tropical climate. A flight from the French capital Paris is recommended for a yachting holiday on the Windward Islands. From the French metropolis there are numerous flights to Martinique, Guadeloupe or Grenada.
Occationally there are flights from London to The Caribbean. Antigua and St. Vincent also offer flights from Germany. There are flight opportunities between the islands for the yacht charter tourist by regional airlines on the spot.

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