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Sailing holiday on the Slovenian coast

Covering an area of ​​around 20,000 square kilometers, Slovenia is home to a total of five historic regions, of which only one is of interest for passionate sailor. When it comes to a sailing holiday in Slovenia, it’s the region of Primorska to go for as this region includes the entire Adriatic coast of Slovenia.

Slovenia has much to offer for sailors. The Slovenian coast presents itself as an exciting sailing area, where each cruise is an absolute highlight. The Adriatic Sea is already a favored setting for sailing trips in Europe and has an extensive network of ports. The Slovenian Adriatic coast offers numerous opportunities to go at anchor.

Interesting destinations for sailors in Slovenia:

When it comes to boat charter, Slovenia is a real discovery. Although the Slovenian coast is less than 50 kilometers long, it is worthwhile to charter a yacht and explore the country as part of a sailing trip. The Slovenian Riviera extends from Italy in the north to Croatia to the south and leads yacht charter crews in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean.

Along the coast sailors expect lots of interesting destinations, with modern marinas and a typical Mediterranean atmosphere. Historic Centres and the picturesque coast are highlights for tourists who can feel the Venetian or Italian influences still today based on monumental buildings.

One of the leading ports in Slovenia is located in Koper, because of the modern seaport and oversea trade links. Koper connects Slovenia with the world and is therefore of central importance for the national economy. Tourists should not miss a trip to Koper. as there is plenty to discover in the historical town. Travellers who dedicate themselves to the yacht charter in Slovenia, are likely to have great interest in the operations of an internationally active seaport as Koper. In addition, it is worth taking a walk, exploring sites such as the Assumption Cathedral and the Praetorian Palace on this occasion.

The town of Izola with its historic old town and the popular seaside resort of Portoroz are further destinations which you should visit during your sailing trip. Modern marinas invite sailors to anchor in front of the Slovenian coast. Who wants to sail in Slovenia or wants to spend an unforgettable seaside holiday, is therefore at the right place in the region of Primorska. A wide selection of yacht charter offers in Slovenia will make your sailing vacation an unique experience.


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