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Yacht Charter Mediterranean
Numerous locations for your yacht charter dream trip

The Mediterranean offers countless opportunities for an eventful yacht charter vacation. From Spain in the West to Turkey in the East you find completely different areas for a fantastic voyage. Therefore we have numerous yachts and catamarans in many countries in all Mediterranean regions. So you can sail your dream trip in your preferred area. In the western Mediterranean, we have charter basis in Spain, the Balearic Islands and on the French Riviera: Around the Adriatic, we are represented in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. The Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean, we have numerous locations in Greece and Turkey. In the Balearic Islands and in Croatia we can also offer motorboat charter.

Travel time and arrival to yacht charter destinations

The Yacht Charter areas along the Mediterranean have their season mainly from Easter to late autumn. The climatic conditions in early spring and late autumn are slightly better in the more southern climes. All destinations are easy to access form Germany. The marinas on the French Riviera, northern Italy and the Adriatic are easily accessible by car. The easiest approach to all Mediterranean areas is by plane. The range of airlines providing services to most of the destinations is divers. Furthermore, numerous ferry services are running in the Mediterranean, which makes the approach to your charter boat a very special experience.

Weather and wind conditions of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean region is known for its constant good weather in summer, making it ideal for a yacht charter vacation. The temperatures of the air and water are pleasantly warm and the wind speed is usually not too strong. In spring and autumn the conditions vary between the different areas in weather and wind conditions. For an experienced crew, however, those conditions do not prevent to experience a great yacht charter vacation. However, almost around the whole Mediterranean you can expect thermal winds that build up during the day everywhere. In the afternoon, the wind speed is usually between three and five Beaufort, while in the evening it often completely calms down. When choosing a yacht charter area, the crews experience is the benchmark for the decision which area suits best to the crews skills to handle the possible weather conditions.

Culture and History of the Mediterranean

Around the Mediterranean, the first civilizations went on European soil. After Egypt, the first civilization in the Mediterranean in general, significant human cultures developed first in Greece and then by the Roman Empire throughout the Mediterranean. Everywhere during a sailing trip you will see important examples of these cultural footprints throughout the Mediterranean. The numerous monuments from different eras and a varied landscape and nature make a cruise in the Mediterranean really unique.

Country and its people and culinary culture

A highlight of any sailing trip is of course to explore the shore. In addition to visits to historical sites, the contact with the local people is often particularly impressive. You can witness the warm hospitable of people of different cultures, which always turn a trip into something unique. Everywhere you will meet helpful people who can provide information.

As diverse as the sailing areas, the culture, landscape and people present the menu around the Mediterranean. Each country or region has its culinary specialties that you should taste during your yacht charter trip. While on the French Riviera more of a multi-course meal is served, you can enjoy in Spain and the Balearics tapas and paella. Pizza and pasta in Italy everyone knows, while in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro many barbecue dishes can be found on the menu. In Turkey and Greece plenty of vegetables, fish and meat is offered.

Supply during the yacht charter vacation

In many sailing areas sufficiently well equipped marinas are available for provisioning and overnight stays. In many places there are also magical bays & coves where you can drop anchor for overnight stays. The supply of food is actually excellent everywhere, even if no supermarket is always around. There are small groceries or colorful weekly markets where you can get the necessities of life.

Charter yachts for your dream trip

We at „Achterspring Yacht Charter” have an extensive fleet of sailing yachts and catamarans for your yacht charter holiday. We have charter basis in the most beautiful sailing areas from the northern Mediterranean to Spain and Turkey. We look forward to contact you to assist with the planning and execution of your dream holiday on a charter yacht. The team of „Achterspring Yacht Charter” welcomes you aboard.

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