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Yacht Charter Caribbean
Discovering the Caribbean on a charter yacht

White beaches, luminous coral reefs, beautiful palm trees and the fascinating sea - the Caribbean is without a doubt one of the most beautiful holiday destinations on the planet. But not only the beach lovers who are attracted by the island group of Caribbean islands between Antigua and Grenada. The number of people who want to explore this region with a yacht charter vacation is permanently growing. Given the perfect conditions in this patch of the earth, this is not surprising. A yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean will always remain in your memory as a highlight.

The start options in the Caribbean

There are several berths as a starting point for the trip in the Caribbean. For a yacht charter vacation on a sailboat or catamaran an even much further north starting point than Antigua is available. I.e. you can start in Cienfuegos on Cuba providing extensive offers available. Moreover, sailboats waiting for you at the British Virgin Islands in Tortola, as well as in the Leeward Islands or the Windward Islands.

The Caribbean presents itself with a number of mooring facilities, so that the Caribbean islands can be explored in detail from the Greater Antilles to the Lesser Antilles. Here, Yacht Charter tourists can not only look forward to wonderful days of ocean sailing with a unique flora and fauna, but also exciting stays ashore. Your stops will give you access to a culture diversity, that’s rarely to find elsewhere in the world

The joy of life and hospitality of the people of Cuba, the island of Cayo Largo down to Grenada are central attributes of the way of living. One reason for this is also the history of the Caribbean. Because during the colonial period, there were numerous European colonialists who have left their mark here. In this respect you can find a great combination of native culture, combined with European influences during your sailing vacation.

Provisioning of the yacht with food is secured and an experience due to the diversity of tropical temptations. As there are so many cultural influences, the variety of food is interesting anywhere in the Caribbean and well worth exploring whether eating in a fancy restaurant on one of these vacation paradise islands or enjoying a self-prepared dish on board of the yacht. Especially the seafood, offered freshly caught, is to enjoy in many delicious variations.

The supply situation of the ports in this wonderful holiday paradise is perfect. In addition to the fish restaurants, a wide range of local delicious fruits is offered from Cuba to Grenada. The mere sight of a mango or coconut is a promise of exotic enjoyment a traveler cannot resist.

All Yacht Charter moorings of the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles round the ports deliver world-class restaurants, as well as supermarkets for self-catering sailors. However, the Yacht Charter tourists must set this to the fact that the prices are often substantially higher than those in our area. Equally extensive is the range of boats itself. The marinas in this wonderful region offer a wide range of sailing boats and catamarans. This allows to explore down to the south to St. Lucia, regardless if by the small family or a large tour group.

Winter is an ideal time for yacht charter vacations in the Caribbean. The Yacht Charter vacations in the Caribbean is best explored in winter and spring. From November until well into May prevails Northeast Wind, which ensures both the day and at night for the excellent wind energy here. However, around Christmas the wind can increase locally and extra care is required. Likewise, the sun cream should not be missing in your luggage, already many yacht charter trips in the Caribbean ended with a sunburn. In summer from June to October, a yacht charter trip is not recommended, because then the rain and hurricane season starts. Upon arrival in the Caribbean, it is first of all important, of which harbor the yacht charter experience begins. For St. Martin, Guadeloupe or Martinique for example, the best flight connections are normally from the French capital Paris, while Antigua has direct connections from Germany. The British Virgin Islands with its launch ports on Tortola are connected with regional airlines from Puerto Rico, St Marten or Antigua. Between the islands in the Caribbean, a service of local airlines is provided.

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