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Yacht Charter Cuba
Yacht Rental Cuba from Base Cienfuegos

Yachtcharter Cuba-Cienfuegos as a starting point for yacht charter holidays
Those who choose Cuba as the starting point of their yacht charter holiday, choose the largest Caribbean Island as its starting point. From Cienfuegos you can enjoy the fantastic Caribbean with its fascinating beaches and the unique fauna and flora during a yachting holiday.

It does not matter whether the whole day is spent on the sailboat or catamaran, whether the sights of Cuba are to be discovered or whether an active vacation with diving, surfing and bathing is pending - the largest island of the Caribbean has to offer the right thing for every yacht tourist. In addition, constant winds ensure that Cuba has become one of the most popular sailing areas.

Explore the beauty of Cuba starting from Cienfuegos.
The starting point for yacht charter is the modern city of Cienfuegos with its picturesque harbor. The city, which is located 300 kilometers southeast of the capital Havana, was built in the 19th century under the leadership of French settlers. The Cathedral and Castillo de Jagua Castle are the attractions of Cienfuegos.
Of course, other places of Cuba should be explored as well.

The route of the yachting tourists should also lead to the capital Havana. The old town of the Cuban metropolis has been declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Havana also has a number of places of interest such as the Museo de la Ciudad or the Palacio del Segundo. Of course the route of most yacht charter travelers also leads to the former Presidential Palace.

Other destinations such as the tobacco plantations at Vuelta Abajo, the parrot island of Isla de la Juventud, the stone bridge at Sancti Spiritus across the river Yayabo, or the colonial city of Trinidad ensure unforgettable impressions during the yachting trip to Cuba. Of course Cayo Largo should also be promoted. This is the most famous tourist center in Cuba. Here yachtsmen will find the best beaches in the country. If you just want to relax, this is the best place.

The modern marina in Cienfuegos.
Already at the arrival in Cuba, the yacht charterer realizes fast that the marina in Cienfuegos leaves nothing to be desired. The port facility set up in 1984 has a complete infrastructure including electricity and water supply right on the berth. In addition to a gas station and the gas sales, there are sufficient toilets and showers. Moreover the customs and border handling can be arranged at the marina directly. Furthermore, a 24-hour security service ensures that the yacht charter passengers are always well-guarded and enjoy their stay. For the vacationer are plenty of different sailing boats or catamarans available. Therefore even yacht charter trips with large groups can be planned from Cuba to discover the diverse beauties of the Caribbean.

In general, the nautical infrastructure of the country is at its best. Therefore, the yacht charterer can drive almost the entire coast - with the exception of

the “Bahía de Cochinos” , the only restricted area in Cuba.It is also not allowed to leave the Cuban territorial waters .For safety reasons, night rides in the reef zones

should be omitted.

Caterin during the yachting trip 

An important topic for the yacht charter traveler is, of course, the catering. Here, Cuba has enough opportunities. The number of local restaurants is quite tidy for the holidaymakers who would like to eat in the restaurants that offer local specialties. In addition, Cuba has a rich offer for self-catering guests. There are plenty of supermarkets and markets available to supply the yacht charter trip.

Yacht charter in Cuba is possible all year long

The island state is located on the tropic edge. Therefore the average temperature drops only in January less than 20 degrees Celsius. However, the water temperature has a minimum of about 25 ° C throughout the year. It is warm and humid from May till October, while the rest of the year it is cooler and dry in Cuba. The trade wind blows from the east continually.

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