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A paradise for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean atmosphere every year attracts countless tourists to the Mediterranean, where they can expect friendly hosts and comfortable accommodations in Italy. Places of interest with an interesting history, such as Rome and Pisa, invite you to sightseeing. The Mediterranean and the Adriatic are presented in combination with the variety of landscapes as magnificent backdrop for sailing trips in Italy. The pleasant climate and the culinary delights are further guarantees for a perfect holiday in Italy which attracts many tourists each year. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Heinrich Heine once traveled to Italy to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and enchanting ambience.

Explore the regions of Italy with a yacht charter vacation

Looking at a map of Europe, recalls the shape of Italy on a long boot, which juts out into the Mediterranean. Because of this special nature, the country is ideally suited for a sailing holiday. Along the endless coast, travelers can arrive in idyllic marinas, drop anchor and start to go on expedition. Tourists who rent yachts and consequently plan a personalized yacht holiday in Italy, enjoy maximum flexibility and can travel almost anywhere in the entire country. For those deciding for a yacht charter vacation, Italy offers an individual experience where you can explore the whole diversity of this unique country.

Picturesque ports of the idyllic Mediterranean coast and multi-faceted landscapes line the Italian coast, with vibrant cities and tranquil villages beyond. From wild party nights to the traditional life so many interesting things awaits vacationers in Italy. So you certainly won’t get bored when sailing in Italy. Not only the coastal regions, but also the countryside is absolutely worth seeing. It’s well worth spending the holiday not only on the yacht, but also to plan multi-day excursions ashore sometimes.

When it comes to Yacht charter in Italy, travelers have many options. It is worthwhile in any case, take advantage of the flexibility and mobility of this particular form of travel and visit different regions. In northern Italy Liguria and Tuscany are preferred destinations for sailing trips. Also Corsica and Elba prove to be very delightful destinations. Sanremo, Genoa, Castiglioncello, Piombino and Ajaccio are just a few examples of the many places and towns where tourists are very welcome.

As the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia, is almost a „must see“ for travelers who want to experience Italy as part of a sailing trip. Nearly 1,900 kilometers of coastline and approximately 24,100 square kilometers featuring the island, which is the second largest Island after Sicily? Naples, Agropoli and Salerno on the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Aeolian Islands and Calabria do also offer excellent conditions for a yacht vacation in Italy.

Yacht Charter fans can enjoy sailing in perfection in Italy

Italy-travelers, who turn to a professional and experienced yacht rental, can be sure that they will find a sailing holiday in perfection. In addition to well-equipped sailing yachts, which guarantee maximum comfort, mainly an enhanced travel planning will ensure that you can experience the Mediterranean at its best. The stressful life takes a back seat, while the sound of the sea and the fascinating sceneries will help to rest and relax. For those who want to relax and at the same time wants to live their sailing passion, the coast of Italy is perhaps the greatest place to do so in the entire Mediterranean.

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